Faith from the Margins to the Web is a freely available Gospel commentary and bible study blog which is updated across liturgical seasons, following the Revised Common Lectionary.  Each Gospel reflection emerges from shared conversation between at least two people from very different backgrounds.  For each bible study, a college student or member of a parish community has been paired with someone living in poverty, often someone who is homeless or experiencing housing and food insecurity.  Both people choose to participate in a shared experience of reading the Gospel lesson together, prayer, and responding to questions and reflections about how the the scripture has meaning and relevance in their lives.

Each blog post for Faith from the Margins to the Web is a result of their shared conversation.  Fair compensation is offered, equally, to all contributors and interviewers who participate in the project in order for their contributions to be fairly and equitably shared with those who read their reflections.

Read our first blog post about the inspiration for Faith from the Margins to the Web.

Credits and Acknowledgements:

Faith from the Margins to the Web Curator:  Rev. Dr. Sarah Kye Price, Transitional Deacon in The Episcopal Church.  Sarah began this project during her MDiv studies at Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

Faith from the Margins to the Web Photographer:  Patience Salgado

Faith from the Margins to the Web Contributors are from parishes, public spaces, colleges and congregational ministries located in or near Richmond, Virginia

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Faith from the Margins to the Web received funding support for start up and the first year of bible studied (RCL Year B) through the Episcopal Evangelism Society



Special thanks to Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Richmond VA for their support of this project, including use of space and fiscal management of project funds.

This curated lectionary resource is freely available to the Church and the world. Please share our site, and help spread the Word from the margins to the web.  In our sharing, the knowledge and presence of God is liberated through word, image, and story week by week in our journey together.

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